Yak Out of Hell

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What the fuck?

Mongol Rally is a leisure road trip in air conditioned 4x4s to Mongolia. Accomodation is organized in the best hotels, the caravan stops at all tourist attractions and there are plenty of chances for shopping. All cars come with driver, snacks and full entertainment system.

Mongol Rally is a yearly charity event where bunch of idiots try to reach Mongolia (or now days, Ulan-Ude in Russia) in cheap underpowered piles of metal someone has mistaken for a car way back in the day. The rally is completely unsupported and each team is responsible for their own budgets, routes and lives. Common routes take teams trough ex-USSR countries, 3 different deserts and to such places as: Gates of Hell, Pamir Highway and (former) Aral Sea to name a few.

Our route will take us a bit further than Ulan-Ude, we will be driving all the way down to Dongguan, China.


We will be taking on this journey in a red Suzuki LJ80 made in 1981. This beast of a car is just a bit larger than original Mini, has a mighty 797cc engine, back in the day it had 30.2kW (41hp) and top speed was claimed to be 110km/h. Also when it was made doors and roof were optional extras, which we don't have.

To make this a bit more challenging

We will not use a navigator!

We will leave smartphones home!

We will not bring a map with us!


Why not? What is your reason for not going on an adventure without a map with the goal of driving trough three deserts and still get the to the destination?

We also raise funds for Cool Earth that helps local people stop deforestation of rainforests.

Who the hell are you?

We met in Guangzhou, China in 2010, were roommates for few years and spent way too much time at our local pub with a group of friends. We have travelled together few times before, to Shanghai "to watch formula 1", which only one of our group saw, to Hong Kong to a concert, which we did manage to see, and to few Finnish rock festivals, which were mainly spend enjoying refreshments at the camping ground.


33 year old programmer from Finland, used to live in China for some time. Has not studied anything, so pretty much useless. Speaks Finnish and English, so no language that is actually useful on this journey. Most useful skill for this journey: Slept in a tent once or twice during army.


35 year old irish pub owner from Canada, currently living in China, used to live in Korea. Studied Chinese medicine, as if that would help. Speaks English, Korean and Chinese, so nothing that actually helps during most of the journey. Most useful skill for this journey: Hitchhiked/travelled trough Europe without basically any money.